So this week’s Thursday family gym session focussed on back strengthening exercises

Back strengthening exercises build the strength needed to support and keep your spine in its proper position.

Neglecting your back muscles can have structural consequences for your body.

A weak back means you don’t have the musculature to prevent rounded shoulders, which can cause neck and shoulder pain, as well as make you look as if you’re lacking confidence.

Here is an example of a sequence of back strengthening exercises. In this video, Josh and Owen are demonstrating a single-arm squat and row and T bar row superset

Working your back muscles can have many benfits, including the following:


Improve Posture

Strong back muscles will prevent you from slouching and help you hold your stomach in throughout the day.
Once you stand up straight, you will immediately look like you’ve lost up to 5 Kilos, so this can be a quick way to improve the way you look and enhance your self-confidence.


Gives Your back a nice shape

Even if you haven’t lost an inch around your waistline, reshaping your upper body can make you look slimmer. 

woman doing back strengthening exercises on a beach


Reduce Back And Shoulder Pain

People who have weak back muscles are more likely to suffer from strain or tension build-up in their lower or upper back, which could lead to severe pain that completely prevents you from working out.


If you want more information about what back exercises are suitable for you, please contact me or mention it during a personal training or sports massage session