diastasis recti

As my client base is all female a significant part of my work is with mums with DIASTASIS RECTI.

This is the technical term for that gap that can appear down the mid line of the abdominal wall after having babies.
It can be scary to be ‘diagnosed’ with this condition but in fact it is very common, nothing to worry about and can be corrected.

There are two aspects of Diastasis Recti. Aesthetic and Functional.


A large DR can result in a ‘poochy’ looking tummy. People report that they still look pregnant, even a substantial number of months after the baby is born.

And from a functional point of view, diastasis recti can result in back pain, as the core lacks the tensegrity to be strong and do its job.

Interestingly DR often comes hand in hand with pelvic floor dysfunction and hypermobilty.

Doing the right exercises will help to heal the core muscles. However it’s very important to incorporate many other components too, and recognise that floor based exercises are only a part of the jigsaw


My postnatal training programme includes all the elements that women need to get back in shape after they have had a baby, including treatment and advice for diastasis recti if you have it.  ‘Postnatal’ training can begin any amount of time after the baby is born, if you feel like your pregnancy has left lasting effects on your body that you would like to heal from.

Please contact me if you would like to know more. I offer one to one training and also postnatal workshops.