Include your kids in your exercise time by developing a family fitness routine….

Family fitness

Family fitness – have fun exercising together


It’s hard to find dedicated “alone time” as a parent – but do you really need it?

I struggled with finding time to work out alone this weekend. So instead I embraced working out with my boys, and then they see that Mum is a strong woman who enjoys working out!

Sometimes you may need to ditch the ‘either-or’ attitude. Children instinctively love to move. Resistance bands are great for playing ‘hop over’ and Bosu balls make fun mini trampolines.

As your children grow older, workouts can be bonding time.

So on Saturday morning while Owen warmed up for his match I ran with my 12 year old (he outpaced me) and we did a body weight circuit making use of a park bench for press ups and triceps dips and step for squat jumps.

On Sunday, while Josh warmed up for his match, my youngest and I used kettlebells and a TRX to do a circuit of walking lunges, sumo squats, pulls and various jumps.

We all felt good for it.

Take a look at the video below for an example of the sort of things that you can do outdoors with your children.  You can get them to film you and check your form, or maybe they might get exercising themselves

outdoor circuit

Do you have a family fitness plan?  Do you exercise with your children or let them watch you exercise?  Please share any tips you have in the comments below.

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