Since I started up my sports massage practice in New Malden a few months ago, I’ve been asked this question a lot. Many of my friends are used to going to a spa for an all-over body massage but some of them think that sports massage sounds a bit scarier somehow, and not quite as relaxing.

So what exactly is sports massage, and why would you want it?

If you play competitive sports of any kind, you are probably know how to look after your muscles properly, both before and after you do your thing. Many of you, sadly, will also be familiar with the various rehabilitation techniques that are out there when you injure yourself, which includes sports massage, ice baths and all kinds of other things

For many people, this is all they know of sports massage – something that happens to injured players on the sidelines, so they can get up and get playing again, or a nasty series of treatments that happens after you strain something, aimed solely at getting you back to your game.


Sports massage New Malden


But sports massage is so much more than that, and it treats more than just sports injuries. It can be really useful for non-sporty people and especially for sedentary people.

My friend Debbie recently underwent a series of sports massage treatments with me in New Malden. This is what she had to say:

“I have always hated sport and do very little exercise. About the best I can manage is a stroll in the park every day with my dogs. But I managed to wrench my elbow by repeatedly throwing a ball for my spaniel with one of those throwing sticks. It didn’t get better with rest, so I went to the doctor and they told me I had tennis elbow, and that I should get myself some physio or a sports massage treatment.

To be honest I thought the idea of me having tennis elbow was very funny – me and tennis do not get on at all, but then I figured the throwing movement is a little bit like serving a tennis ball.  I also thought sports massage sounded a bit scary – when you see footballers getting a massage it looks a bit painful to me.

But when I saw that Rachel had started offering sports massage near me, I thought I might as well give it a try. Rachel’s studio is really homely and comforting and not at all scary. She really put me at ease.

The massage was a little bit uncomfortable in parts, but after a very few sessions, my elbow was dramatically improved. Rachel also worked on the shoulder of the same arm, which is stiff because I sit at a desk all day. It turned out this was part of the problem I was having with throwing the balls properly – I hadn’t even considered that.

I have had massages as part of a beauty treatment before, but this sports massage was much more targeted to my specific aches and pains. Rachel really knew where to knead gently in order to get things moving again, and I feel so much better. She also got me stretching too, and now my shoulders and neck are better as well as my elbow”


So there you have it. Sports massage is for you if you have aches and pains, whether they are caused by sport, by the work that you do, or just from old age, or an injury that you have sustained. Sports massage has many benefits and can be used on a wide variety of ailments

If you come to my massage studio in New Malden, I will first of all talk through your entire history and then prescribe specific massage techniques, aimed at resolving your problem. This may be backed up with work for you to do at home – stretching exercises or similar.

If you would like to discuss your specific concerns and/or book a session with me, please contact me