To help support my clients fully, and give them the best results, I offer sports massage and soft tissue therapy.

Massage sessions can go alongside and complement personal training and other sessions you are doing with me, or they can be completely standalone.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a type of soft tissue therapy which uses techniques, to reduce muscular tension and discomfort.

Sports massage is not just for sports participants – it can be useful for anyone with muscular strains or imbalances, as it aims to increase the functionality of the muscles being worked on.

Massage can be very helpful to rehabilitate diastasis recti  and rebuild proper abdominal tone, along with an appropriate exercise program. Massage can help reduce tension in tissues that are pulling the abdominal muscles outward, preventing the diastasis from healing.


Personal training combined with massage therapy provides a complete tailored solution.



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What our women say…

Before I started training with Rachel, I was 5lbs heavier and crippled  with running injuries. But after training with Rachel for less than a year, I am stronger, more flexible, completely injury free and as an added bonus, have shaved inches off my waist and hips. In short, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Rachel really knows her stuff and is completely focused on helping her clients’ achieve their goals.


Denise, 2013