What Happens During a Sports Massage Treatment?

How we can both make sure that your massage treatment is safe and effective

Before we begin any massage therapy treatment, I will ask you to fill in a Massage pre-screening form. Please include all relevant information on this form as it will affect how I treat you.

We will then talk through what you are hoping to get out of the session, and a long term treatment plan (how many sessions you might need and what else you need to do etc.)

Based on this, I will put together a range of massage techniques to address your specific problems within the time available.

woman receiving massage treatment


My aim is to help improve any areas of tension, chronic conditions, stress levels etc. We will work together to ensure that you get the maximum possible benefits from your massage treatment

During the session, you are free to rell me if you need me to adjust the pressure or if some techniques are uncomfortable for you. I will do my best to reduce your pain, although some mild discomfort may be necessary when stretching out tense and damaged muscles.


Once the session is over, I may give you some exercises or suggestions of things you can do at home to speed up your recovery. These may include stretches, exercises, or relaxation techniques. If you need more help than I am able to provide, I can recommend an alternative practitioner, such as a physiotherapist, osteopath etc. Also if a lack of movement is part of your problem I might recommend a personal training session or two, to mobilise the areas we have been working on.

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