Nourish and Nutrition

Nourish and Nutrition – 12-week DNA weight management/ programme

Marrying food, science and technology

NOURISH AND NUTRITION provide DNA lifestyle programmes so that you can confidently eat your way to better health.

This includes:

  • Initial Consultation to gather background and understand the client’s concerns and goals. (Detail is an important factor in translating data into a user-friendly programme.)
  • DNA diet test
  • Food sensitivity test
  • Monthly Bioimpedance measurements to monitor body fat and lean muscle mass.
  • Suggested recipes and cookery advice and a demo in the N&N kitchen-  tailored to their unique DNA results
  • Fortnightly face to face nutrition coaching.
  • A two-week menu of simple easy seasonal nutrigenomic recipes tailored to their DNACost £300 a month (minimum 3 months)

Who are Nourish and Nutrition?

Nourish and Nutrition - Debbi

Debbi is:

A Translational Nutrigenomics practitioner and nutritionist who has worked with elite athletes and weekend warriors for over 20 years

“I am also a self-confessed science nerd. I love working with people keen to change –  and find the attention to detail is what keeps me motivated. I beam with pride no matter how big or small the victory when my clients succeed or surpass their goals”


Nourisdh and Nutrition - Helen

Helen is:

A trained Claridges chef, published author, wine professional and lover of ‘proper food’

“I hate avocado brownies and meringues made with chick pea juice but I love a quick a one-pot wonder and a recipe with less than 6 ingredients. 

Nourish and Nutrition