Here are some suggestions for some resistance band circuit workouts you can do. If you need help choosing a set of resistance bands, please see this post where I recommend a set that works for most people.

Each of these circuits features four exercises and in each one, you are exercising for 45 seconds with each exercise and resting for 15. I give suggestions for adaptations to make things easier or more difficult, and show you how to adjust the resistance band for each exercise to get the best results.

Resistance band Circuit 1: Seated Row, Shoulder Press, Split Lunge, Tricep Dip

Resistance Band Circuit 2: Squat, Bent Over Row, Standing Chest Press, Reverse Lunge and Knee Raise

Resistance Band Circuit 3: Deadlift, High Row (Face Pull), Peevish Punches, Kneeling Press Up

Resistance Band Circuit 4: WoodChop, Shoulder Pull, Frontal Plan Lunge, Tricep Extension

Resistance Band Circuit 5: Squat with shoulder press, lat raise and front raise, single arm row, plank walk

Circuit 5