Dawn came to me looking for a HIIT exercise programme and some weight loss advice….

About 8 weeks ago my mobile phone rang – ‘number unavailable’.

To be honest I rarely answer my phone when I see this, as it’s normally someone trying to sell me something irrelevant.

However I picked it up for some reason an was greeted by a lady asking  ‘Do you do HIIT’ training?!’

I was a little taken aback as it seemed a very specific request .. and answered that I did as part of the training sessions I did with clients.

We chatted for a bit and she explained that she didn’t like exercise, wanted quick weight loss results and had heard that this was the way to do it!!

Anyway I suggested she came to see me so we could talk more about her goals and how I could help.

She told me she wanted to follow the 8-week blood sugar diet, as again this offered quick results. I wasn’t familiar with this book so ordered it and read it. Basically it is a low carbohydrate and very low calorie diet that has been proven to give quick weight loss and reverse the effects of diabetes type 2.

However I was not convinced that Dawn needed something this drastic as she did not have diabetes and didn’t have a huge amount of weight to lose (10kg at the most), and was concerned as to how she would cope on so few calories every day for 8 weeks

We discussed this but she said she wanted to give it a go

And she started training with me 2 x 30 minute sessions per week

Dawn really doesn’t like exercise.. and found everything we did hard work But she persevered and came to her sessions religiously.  She spent a lot of time researching the recipes in the book but not actually following them. She spent endless hours finding lots of recipes …

After a couple of weeks I suggested that she needed to actually start changing her nutrition and not just thinking about it!! We also decided that the 8-week blood sugar diet was not for her and I gave her a easy to follow food plan that she worked with

Dawn’s main issues were lack of protein in her diet and her sweet tooth, but she loves cooking. Over the weeks she has found lots of brilliant recipes that get plenty of protein into what she is eating, and enable her to eat the sweet things she loves by substituting processed sugars with natural ones.

She regularly emailed me with questions and recipes she had found to ask my views

8 weeks into her mission to lose weight fast Dawn has lost 8kg

She has reduced from a size 14 to a size 10

Weight Loss Dawn

Dawn’s 8 kg weight loss


On the exercise front she had to take a 4-week break as she had a bad fall cutting her knee open and injuring her wrist

So this reduction has been achieved mainly by CHANGING HER APPROACH TO NUTRITION.

She is back to the exercise now and says it certainly feels a lot easier carrying less weight. Dawn says that having a coach to be accountable to enabled her to achieve what she has.

And she has learnt lifelong better eating habits

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