Deadlifts are Awesome for Strength and Conditioning




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Deadlifts should be at the top of your list for general strength and conditioning because they won’t negatively affect your joints, as long as you’re lifting with good technique.

Furthermore, the posterior muscles you recruit will help stabilise joints and go a long way in rehabilitating any imbalances you might have.

Watch this video of me doing a deadlift, to see how it’s done


9 good reasons for women to deadlift


1: Deadlifts are functional

A deadlift is straight up lifting something heavy off of the ground. It’s the alpha and the omega of lifting. Barring injury and other medical reasons, no-one should be incapable of a deadlift.

2: Strong Glutes

The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body. Strong glutes transfer to better endurance, power, and pain prevention. Lazy glutes is a real thing that causes back, hip, and knee pain.

3: A Strong Back

Deadlifts hit the posterior chain all the way up to the neck. A good deadlift engages and strengthens the lats and the traps. Strengthening your posterior chain is one of the most effective ways to prevent back, shoulder and neck pain.



4: A Flood of Anabolic, Fat-Burning Hormones

Deadlifts are the everything exercise. An exercise that works so many muscles, from the thighs to the core to the neck to the grip, it triggers a cascade of beneficial hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. That means stronger muscles and bones, less body fat, better mood and better immunity.

5: A Strong Core

Forget crunches. Deadlifts work the core all over, from the spinal stabilizers to the lower back.

6: Improves Grip Strength

Grip strength matters! A study by Coper et al 2014 showed that participants with poor grip strength had higher mortality rates.  On a functional level, good grip strength will help you in day to day life as well as in the gym



why women should do deadlifts

7: Improves Posture

Sloppy posture doesn’t just come from internally-rotated shoulders. It comes from a weak core, lazy glutes, and undeveloped hamstrings and lats. The deadlift uses all these muscles, building their strength, drawing them into alignment, and solidifying their role in keeping your back straight, shoulders back, and chest tall.

8: Bone Strength

Deadlifts are a perfect combination of full-body muscle strength and testosterone. Studies have shown that these factors produce an increase in bone strength and decrease in osteoporosis risk.

9: Help to Correct Your Pelvic Tilt

High-heels are a double-edged sword in terms of appearance. What may look awesome may also wreak havoc on a woman’s pelvis. The geometry of high-heeled shoes causes an unhealthy back overarch in the lumbar region of the spine, with the resultant tight hips and dominant quads.

The posterior chain involvement provided by deadlifting can mitigate some of the effects of high heels. Since the glutes and hamstrings tilt the pelvis posteriorly, deadlifts can balance the forward momentum of the pelvis caused by long-term wearing of high heels. They should be a staple in a woman’s program for this reason alone.

how to do the perfect deadlift


So what are you waiting for – add deadlifts to your strength workout today. Contact your trainer (or me if you live close to New Malden) if you are unsure about correct form for this exercise