Some of my clients don’t want to exercise outside so much at this time of year (I can’t think why?). So just for them, here are some indoor circuit training ideas that you can do without any apparatus at home.  All you need is a flight of stairs.

It may be officially the beginning of spring with the occasional sunny day and a bit less rain/snow, but some days at this time of year are still bitterly cold, damp or both.

Strangely enough, it doesn’t seem so appealing to head outside to run, or find a playground with equipment to use to climb and hang from.

If you are finding it hard to find the motivation to go out and run, here are some indoor circuit training ideas that you can combine into a short workout you can do at home to improve core strength and fitness. No equipment needed but the stairs.

  • Single leg bridges 15 each leg
  • Stair Lunges 3-4 times
  • Crawling 5 forward 5 back
  • Star Jumps x 30
  • Abdominal Pike x 10

1: Single Leg Bridges

indoor circuit training ideas




Lie on your back, bring your feet in towards your bottom and raise one leg into the air. Breathe, and push your bottom upwards as far as you can go, then lower carefully

2: Stair lunges

Climb the stairs two at a time, perfoming a deep squat in each step.

3: Crawling






Pretty self explanatory – moving forwards and backwards on all fours

4: Star Jumps

indoor circuit training ideas





Another fairly straightforward exercise – a squat between each jump will add intensity.

5: Abdominal Pike






Start in a plank position, Then, fold yourself up,  moving your bottom upwards and backwards as far as you can, keeping your legs and back straight.

I hope you enjoy these indoor circuit training ideas.  it won’t be long until we are back outside again, but until then there is no excuse not to keep getting fit..